Our Mission

Develop products in an effective, efficient and personalized manner, focused on customer satisfaction, covered by our human resources and in partnership with qualified suppliers, enabling us to be competitive in foreign markets, establishing business relationships that provide competitive advantages to our customers, providing trust and credibility.

Our Vision

A leading international supplier that provides solutions to new business opportunities and development of negotiations with our customers, shareholders and suppliers, achieving prestige in the international market.

Our Values

  • Responsibility

  • Confidence

  • Service

  • Respect

  • Teamwork

  • Innovation

  • Commitment

  • Efficiency

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
    Innovative Products
    Experts in the Latin American Market
    Storage and Consolidation
    Safe and Secure Transactions
    Product and Brand Development

    Experience, Insight and Dedication

    Bamerica leaders have over 10 years of experience in distribution and logistics with international products. The experience highlight us from competitors and provide our customers with products and services that result in an overall cost savings at optimum performance within smarter business decisions.

    Quality, innovative home solutions

    We are committed to provide high quality products that improve live styles and comfort of consumers. Within our wide range of consumer products, we offer innovative and cost effective solutions for all.


    Our customers are located in Central America, South America and the Caribbean, we are familiar with almost all markets and provide them all with the highest standards of service and quality.

    Center and South America

    • Chile
    • Costa Rica
    • Colombia
    • Guatemala
    • El Salvador
    • Venezuela

    North America

    • Mexico

    Our Offices

    • United States
    • Hong Kong
    • Costa Rica